Immediate Dentures

If you are thinking of removing your natural teeth and fitting dentures, there are 3 options available for you to consider:

Immediate Dentures: Are made before teeth are removed so that the dentist can fit the plate directly after extraction of your natural teeth. By choosing this type of denture, you are able to immediately eat, talk and smile and your gums are protected by the dentures while healing.

Transitional Dentures: This type of denture is converted from existing partial dentures to a full denture by adding artificial teeth onto the plate when the remaining natural teeth are extracted. After about 6 months when the gum has healed, we can start preparation of the new denture.

Conventional Dentures: Made 4-6 months after the extraction of teeth. The delay allows time for your gums to become stable and results in a better fitting first denture.

At Victoria Denture Lab we do not out-source the making of dentures to any third party dental mechanic.  Our experienced in-house technicians will create the smile that reflects the way you wish to look and feel.  We will explain the process, its advantages and limitations.  Above all else we will listen to you and make sure you understand all technical and emotional aspects of the procedure.

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