Lu Bao

BDentTech Otago, PGDipCDentTech Otago

Lu is extremely versatile and undertakes a range of roles both for Victoria Dentists and Victoria Denture Lab.  She is Managing Director and senior clinician of both businesses and manufactures on-site all dentures herself.

Lu was trained at Otago University and has worked in various denture labs throughout New Zealand furthering her experience and growing her expertise.   She has also worked in hospital advancing her prosthodontics skills by treating complex cases and medically compromised patients. 

Lu regularly attends continuing education courses to ensure she is up to date with the latest advancements in health and denture fabrication.  This knowledge is then directed at her patients ensuring they receive the maximum benefits of the latest technology and procedures.

Lu is incredibly motivated and carries her enthusiasm for her work through to her patient’s treatment and wellbeing.   Each client is assured of “her time” and each appointment is executed with detailed care and finesse.