Victoria Denture Lab’s on-site laboratory is situated beneath Victoria Dentists, in central Hamilton.
There is parking on site.

The Denture Lab is ‘state of the art’ and offers a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  Clients are encouraged to come in and watch their dentures being made from start to finish!

The Lab creates all dental appliances using premium products and our highly skilled technician, Lu Bao uses the latest cutting-edge technology.  Lu’s attention to the smallest detail ensures each client walks away confident of their new smile.  Clients can relax knowing that their broken or ill-fitting dentures can be conveniently relined and repaired, most times the same day.

If you are experiencing issues with existing dentures or have any questions, our highly trained technicians at Victoria Denture Lab are more than happy to help. 

For further information call us at 07 838 2791 to book a FREE consultation.